President Joko announces tough crackdown on online gambling

President Joko announces tough crackdown on online gambling

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Jakarta — In a determined move to tackle the pervasive issue of online gambling, President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo announced on Wednesday the launch of a significant crackdown targeting transnational gambling networks.
In a video message, President Jokowi revealed plans for a new task force dedicated to expediting the government's efforts against online gambling. “The government is making serious efforts to combat and eradicate online gambling. We have taken down 2.1 million gambling websites so far,” the president stated in the video posted on the State Secretariat's YouTube account.

Establishing a Task Force
President Jokowi emphasized the necessity of the task force, which will focus on the transnational, cross-border, and cross-authority nature of online gambling operations. "The task force on online gambling will soon be established to accelerate our efforts to eradicate online gambling," he added.
The Dangers of Gambling Addiction
Highlighting the severe consequences of gambling addiction, President Jokowi warned of the potential for property losses, the breakdown of personal relationships, and an increase in crime and violence. "Don’t engage in gambling, either offline or online. If you have spare money, save it or use it to start a business," he advised.
He stressed that gambling endangers not just financial resources but also the future well-being of individuals and their families. "What is at stake in gambling is not just money, but also your future and that of your family and children," he warned.
A Tragic Incident
President Jokowi's remarks follow a tragic incident in Mojokerto, where a policewoman burned her police officer husband to death after discovering he had squandered his annual bonus on online gambling. This incident underscores the urgent need for stringent measures to address the gambling issue.
President Jokowi's announcement marks a significant step in the fight against online gambling, with the establishment of a dedicated task force poised to enhance and expedite government efforts. By taking down millions of gambling websites and promoting responsible financial practices, the administration aims to safeguard the well-being and future of its citizens.

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